INSA Lyon - 8th World Congress (Leicester)
INSA Lyon - 8th World Congress (Leicester)
Séance de maquillage du Théâtre-Etudes de l'INSA de Lyon
Séance de maquillage du Théâtre-Etudes de l'INSA de Lyon
Street Colombian Performance  - 8th World Congress (Leicester)
Street Colombian Performance - 8th World Congress (Leicester)
International Büchner festival in spring 2013

Dear colleagues,

The city theatre of Gießen in Germany is organizing an international
Büchner festival in spring 2013. Please, forward this call if you know
any interesting theatre projects based on Georg Büchner’s plays:

The highest of German decorations in literature bears his name: On
February 19th 2012 we remember the 175th anniversary of the death of the
poet, scientist and revolutionary Georg Büchner; on October 17th 2013 we
honor his birth.
In celebration of these anniversaries, numerous cultural activities are
planned in his homeland in 2012/13. One of those is the one-week
Büchner-Festival presenting international guest performances in spring
2013 at the Stadttheater Giessen. Other theatres of Hessen shall be
integrated by subsequent showings at their locations.
The Büchner-Festival will accompany the Hessische Theatertage, an annual
festival with theatres from all over Hessen showing a selection of their
plays which in 2013 will be organized by the Stadttheater Giessen as
well. So over the course of one week a wide range of theatre-languages
and -forms revolving around Büchner shall be presented and inspire exchange.
On this behalf, we are looking for international theatre-projects to /
about / with / inspired by Büchner and his work. More than in
“classical” dramatic stagings of his texts, we are interested in
approaches with a background of performance, dance, music-theatre,
documentary theatre, as well as cross-border ones. Or a foreign-language
view of the intercultural. Science, medicine, human rights, history,
revolution, fragment, document/fiction, nerves, insanity, subjectivity
... these are just some of the headwords, one can connect with Büchner.
Thus lecture performances are just as conceivable as audio-walks – or
dramatic pastiches.
Projects have to be shown already or at least be in preparation; date of
premiere has to be in the first half of 2012.

Please send applications with CV, photos, videos, critiques, technical
rider (as attachment or link)
or hints about projects, you have seen, to:


Stadttheater Gießen
Postfach 11 11 28
D-35356 Gießen