UWE Independent Theatre Company
UWE Independent Theatre Company
Publication Launch - 8th World Congress
Publication Launch - 8th World Congress
7e Congrès de l’AITU à Puebla – Mexique, du 2 au 6 juin 2008
7e Congrès de l’AITU à Puebla – Mexique, du 2 au 6 juin 2008
Call for Performance-Projects
for the “International Performance Festival”
in Mainz (Germany)

Dear Performers and Live-Artists,

This year it will be the fourth time that the International Performance Festival of the performance art depot invites artists from all around the world to perform in beautiful Mainz, Germany.
Meanwhile the festival has established to a highlight in our yearly performance program that the audience is already looking forward to.

This year the festival will be from the 26th of April to the 6th of May. As part of the so called “cul-tural summer” (a huge festival-like event, which yearly takes place in the county Rheinland-Pfalz) our festival is presenting international Live Art and Performance projects.
The program of the “cultural summer” is very colorful, from mainstream band-events over tradi-tional theatre productions up to experimental works, taking place in different cultural locations. The “International Performance Festival“ takes place in the performance art depot, a four-years-young space for contemporary theatre, dance, performance and other forms of contempo-rary arts. pad offers an unlimited and visible platform for introducing experimental, innovative art works in a nearly 2000-year-old city by the river Rhein. The kernel of pad International Perform-ance Festival is on interactive performance, including light, sound, video art, digital art, multi me-dia and body performance. The forms of performance can range from stage-based piece, solo to durational performance.
The production should be easy to travel, should not include more than about two or three people and should live with simple technical standards (basic light and a sound system with microphones and all standard equipment).
pad will pay a small travel- and performance-fee and will take care of your accommodation and food. You should be willing to travel via rian-air or other cheap travel-opportunities.

Please send your application very soon to our address (below) or via email.
The earlier you send it, the better the chance to be in the festival!
The Festival program will be printed by the end of Febuary.
The selection of performances will be closed by Monday, February 6.
Please attach some DVD or online-video-documentation (links to youtube, myspace or clips of your own homepage). Without any kind of motion picture documentation we can-not invite your performance.

We have to apologize if our homepage is only written in German and does for the moment not show our whole archive of artists and performances. You can find impressions of the “British Per-formance Festival”, which took place at the pad in Sept./Oct. 2009 and the “International Per-formance Festival 2010”, on our youtube channel:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards from Mainz, Germany,

Peter Schulz and Nic Schmitt
pad – performance art depot
Leibnizstraße 46
55118 Mainz
http://www.pad-mainz.de email: phone: 0049 – 6131 – 88 694 33