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Submission Guidelines for Liege Congress participants

NEW DEADLINE : January 31!

General Guidelines
1. Authors should send, in a document separate from their manuscripts:
a) the author’s full name
b) a biographical note (4-6 lines of text) that reflects the professional status of the author(s) and includes a list of important publications.
c) the title of the essay
d. a synopsis of the essay, one copy in English and a second in either French or Spanish (approximately 5 to 10 lines of text);
2. About the manuscript text, authors should :
a) indicate, on the first page of the manuscript, the title of the essay, but omit the author’s name;
c) limit the final manuscript to a minimum of 3000 words or 18,000 letters (including spaces) and maximum of 5000 words or 30,000 letters (including spaces);
d) provide, when relevant, all iconographic materials (preferably in colour) as digital images (with minimum definition of 300 dpi, in TIFF or JPEG format);

e) by the deadline of 31 January 2015, send an electronic version of the text by e-mail to: – Vito Minoia [Coordinator of the AITU-IUTA Publication Committee in relationship with the collaboration founded with Nuove Catarsi Publisher – Editor of European Magazine Teatri delle diversità (Theatres of Diversities)] :
and simultaneously to appropriate members of the new Publication Committee :
FOR SPANISH TEXTS: Maria S. Horne () and Elka Fediuk ()
FOR FRENCH TEXTS: Françoise Odin () and Lucile Garbagnati ()
FOR ENGLISH TEXTS: Dennis Beck () and Aubrey Mellor ()

The Publication Committee will send the submitted articles to two external evaluators who specialize in the article’s subject. At each step of the evaluation process, the Publication Committee will assure that the author and evaluator remain anonymous.

Full Submission Guidelines