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Ist IUTA International Theatre Festival/Conference/Workshop in Manila (2011)
Ist IUTA International Theatre Festival/Conference/Workshop in Manila (2011)

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News Bulletin # 2

News Bulletin #2

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Receive warm greetings from the Organizing Committee of the “VIIth International University Theater Congress the of the AITU” in Puebla, Mexico. In this bulletin we are trying to answer the most frequent questions submitted from the participants.

  • The Congress web page is: http://chronos.cs.buap.mx/cadartesaitu
  • The opening of the bank account for the congress fee has been delayed, due the problems related to the payment in different currencies: Euros, dollars and pounds, etc. Soon we will inform you about the mechanisms for the early bird inscription, as well as about credit card charge, account number, etc.
  • Registration process for participants will start on June 1st to 3rd from 8 am to 12 m at Pueblas office CAD, 10 Oriente # 415.
  • Inaugural ceremony will be carried out on June 2nd at 11 hrs. In the "Salon Barroco" at the Carolino Building of the BUAP, 4 Sur # 104, second floor.

Events schedule shall be done like the following way:

  • Congress activities (mesas, talleres y conferencias) will be made at the facilities of the Carolino building and our Dramatic Art School (CAD), 10 Oriente # 415.
  • Hotels where participants will stay are located in downtown of the city feedings shall be taken at the hotel. The hotels we recommend are at walking distance of the BUAP (5-10 minutes). There are planned another activities and excursions (Archaeological Ruins, Cholula, Tecali de Herrera), transportations for free.

    Official Congress Hotels:

  • Participants will have 5 hotel nights from June 2nd till June 7th at 12:00 PM and with all meals during these days. If you wish to make another kind of reservation (an extra night or something else) please get in contact directly with hotels front desk.
  • Arriving from abroad, you will land at “Benito Juarez” International Airport in Mexico City. Some information regarding the displacement from Mexico to Puebla: distance 120 kms. Duration of the trip: 2 hours. An estimation of the ticket U$17.00 (or 180.00 Mexican pesos) one side. There are two companies covering the route, during all day: “Estrella Roja” and ADO
  • Ticket expenses of the trips Mexico-Puebla and Puebla-Mexico will be covered by participants.
  • From June 1st to 3rd it will be a Reception Commission of the Congress at the “Benito Juárez” International Airport of Mexico city. (We will be pleased if you send us your flying number and schedule) this commission will help you to find the bus station and to approach the "Estrella Roja" bus that will take you from Mexico City to Puebla City. There will be another commission that shall take you to your hotel.
  • In the case that you arrive to Puebla (CAPU station bus, for example) directly from Mexico City please notify by phone or email to decide a well know meeting point.
    Calling from Mexico Calling from abroad
    (044) 22 23 28 94 45 + (52) 12223 51 38 22
    (044) 22 25 29 57 95 + (52) 12225 29 57 95

    Notice: If you are calling us from a public Mexican phone you must dial 044; however, if you are calling from another Mexican mobile you have to avoid 044. Calling from foreigner mobile is similar to call from abroad.

  • In order to organize the best distribution of the hotel rooms it is precise to know your availability to share the room with another person, or if you prefer to share your room with a known person please suggest it or he/she will be assign by list. We also need to know your meals preferences/needs, if you are vegetarian or have problems with some kind of food, please notify.
  • Weather: The climate in Puebla is tempered, for dates of the congress temperature will oscillates during the day between 20º to 28ºC (68-83ºF), It is a very comfortable temperature nevertheless sometimes can appear rains or nights could be fresh 15°C (59ºF ).
  • About historical or archaeological ruins places in Mexico that you can visit, we will include a tour in Puebla City and you have this information available in your folder.
  • People who want to visit Mexico City can do it, but our recommendation is to do it before or after the congress; in this case you must count ahead of time a hotel reservation in downtown hotels or one of your preferences or you can visit the page: www.mexicocity.gob.mx. For visiting archaeological ruins of Teotihuacán (Located in Estado de Mexico) or Cacaxtla (Located in Tlaxcala), you can get the information of this places on its official web site.

If you have any questions please send me an email to:

Looking forward to see you soon in Puebla!

Best regards,

Dra. Isabel Cristina Flores Hernandez
Comité Organizador-Puebla, Escuela de Artes, BUAP.
10 Ote. # 415, Centro Histórico, c.p. 72000, Puebla, Pue., México
Tel. (222) 244 58 32 (house), (044) 2225295795 (mobile), (222) 242 70 88 (work)