Dernier Godot
Dernier Godot
FIT 2011
FIT 2011

"Etreignez les Etoiles" Théâtre-Etudes de l'INSA

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Theatrical practices and the theoretical ideas that they generate are experiencing a period of tremendous development. The cultural convergence of art, science and technology that is one of the hallmarks of our time, has particularly flourished in theatre, because of the hybrid character of this discipline and its component elements. The way we practice, teach and conceptualize theatre has been turned upside down by many factors – technological progress, the media revolution (including computer-based media) and our new understanding of these developments, as well as by the historical crisis and the crisis in single-discipline approaches.

Out of a desire to articulate this turmoil that is very evident among its members on all continents, the International University Theatre Association (IUTA/AITU) has created the Vox Theatri collection.

Open, like the IUTA, to ideas about theatrical creation, practice, training (education), theory and history, the Vox Theatri collection will feature writings marked by an innovative discourse that will enhance our understanding of theatrical practices, past and present, and underscore the need to re-write theatre’s history. Besides expanding the scope of our theatrical knowledge, Vox Theatri intends to serve as a crucible and catalyst for a revival of theatrical thinking in all the fields in which the IUTA has been involved since its inception in 1994. The collection hopes to accomplish this by ignoring the barriers that still continue to overly isolate research from creation and education, and have compartmentalized their ethical, economic, institutional, technological and aesthetic dimensions in the process. Given that the collapse of the conceptual frameworks of theatre has been equally violent for both theory and practice, Vox Theatri also intends to highlight the most daring approaches and experiments in all the spheres that somehow have influenced or could influence our practices and thinking.

Vox Theatri is an international scholarly collection of texts, published in any of the IUTA’s three official languages: English, Spanish and French. Each work in the Vox Theatri collection will deal with an aspect, theme or specific hypothesis related to our activities and circumstances as creators, educators, theoreticians or historians.

Vox Theatri Editorial Board