Session 6 - 8th World Congress (Leicester)
Session 6 - 8th World Congress (Leicester)
Dernier Godot
Dernier Godot

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Krzysztof Lipski MEMORIAL

Christophe Lipski

Dear Friends,
I hear today of the very sad news of the death of Christophe Lipski.
He was for a long time Director of the famous “Reminisencje” in Cracovia.
As a Vice-President of IUTA (since 1994), he co-organized, with Christophe Blonski, the 4th World Congress of our Association, in March 2001, in Cracovia.
Theatre looses a distinguished representative, and IUTA (and myself) a good friend.
I express my true condolence to his family and his friends. – Dr Robert Germay

Which sadness. I am sorry to learn the news of the death of Christophe. I think that Christophe was hardly 60 years old. I unite my voice to that of Robert. We lose a friend and a generous colleague who was very active during the first ten years of the AITU. The theater loses a presenter and an outstanding organizer. – Jean-Marc Larrue

I also join to the memory of Christophe. I knew very well his excellent work with Reminiscencje Festival in Cracow. I was his guest on several occasions, both with performances, either as an observer. He was tenaciously able to offer hospitality and voice to the polish and international independent theatre. In particular it has been a supporter of the theatre that polish universities managed to resist the autoritarian regime. He continued to follow the evolution of that research even after the fall of the regime, highlighting the contradictions of the new polish neocapitalistic society.
A truly great loss for the IUTA and the international theatre. – Vito Minoia